Mag 30 2024 - Giu 02 2024


May 30-31 June 01-02
Magione (PG)

MATCH DIRECTOR Stefano Iacomini

IPSC LEVEL III – HandGun                                                                                                       IPSC LEVEL III – PCC

12 STAGES – 232 Rounds – 1160 POINTS                                                          12 STAGES – 232 Rounds – 1160 POINTS

Match Director: Stefano Iacomini, Mobile: +39 335 6674333, E-mail:
Online Match Registration at: Registrations:
Rules: FITDS-IPSC Rulebook Last Edition
Rankings: Open, Standard, Production, Classic, Revolver, Production Optics, PCC
Awards: As defined by Regolamento Sportivo FITDS 2024
Ammunition: Free all types of ammunition by the shooter
Food and Drinks: At the range there are a restaurant and a refreshment stand
Turns: Thursday-Friday – Saturday – Sunday
Briefing: Thursday-Friday – Saturday 08:00 AM; start 08:30 AM
Timing: Sunday 07:30 AM; start 08:00 AM
Range Master: Sergio Fontanelli
Range Officer: By S.A.F.R.O.

All shooters must be in good standing with permits to carry and use their weapons and ammunition. The organization disclaims any responsibility for non-compliance with the regulations of the Law in force. Compliance with the Regulations in force regarding clothing and accessory requirements is reminded.